JERSEY’s JOURNAL by Jersey Shore

When I mention Smokers, do you know to what or whom I am referring? No, it doesn’t involve Marijuana, even though you all know I am a card carrying “Pharmacy” patient. Smokers, or Mr. Smokey, to be accurate, is my 10 year old Chihuahua/Terrier mix Rescue Dog. My little diva is a whopping nine pounds soaking wet. He is wonderful, emotional, exciting, and sometimes aggravating. I wouldn’t change a thing. Except for the fact that he likes to mark his territory in the house!
It was 4th of July weekend in 2011. I was recovering from one of my many surgeries and going stir-crazy from being on my back, and not in the good way. I called the Rescue, knowing my good friend Hank was volunteering, and I asked if I could stop in and visit. He said sure. Hank makes a habit of carrying, holding and giving extra attention to one dog per shift. On that particular day, it was Mr. Smokey. He was a black, thin, bug-eyed dog shivering in Hank’s arms. We put him on the counter and I just gave him love. He was such a sweet dog who needed to be given a home. He was not a young dog, but I knew he needed to live a lot longer life with my help. I left that day knowing that I had no funds due to my surgery. Well, super, Hank said. Don’t worry. If you decide to adopt Smokey, we have bowls, food, beds, blankets, and the whole she-bang.
I had to think about it. It was huge step for me. I’ve killed Cactuses. I didn’t want to be responsible for another living thing. But I couldn’t resist. Since it was a holiday weekend I rushed to the Rescue on Tuesday to get my baby. Smokey was there, and then he was mine! When I took him home he slept for about a week (it runs in the family). Now he is the diva of the house (it runs in the family). He’s definitely made my life happier. When I come home, I am usually greeted at the door, unless he is buried under my blankets on my bed. Or should I say our bed.
A pet is a wonderful thing, and a rescue pet is so satisfying. It’s an unconditional love. Also, shelters do so much to help the welfare of our furry little friends! So please think of donating or helping out. Our furry friends can’t help themselves, so it’s up to us. The rewards are worth it!
jeseryImage and Photo by James Cesena / The iMiJ Factory
Peace, Love and Smokey,


Picture it. Palm Springs, California. It was 11:44 pm on February 9th and an article was due. The writer was a shy, young, muffin top kind of a guy (gal on Tuesdays & Saturdays) named Jersey who was having a Birthday in sixteen minutes. Jersey was constantly looking at the clock as if this article was due before Midnight. However, the stroke of midnight was just another year of rings being added to my trunk; just like an old Sequoia.

Just today, though, a calm and well thought out week of celebration was had and the actual birth date still hadn’t occurred. As a child, it was just the best thing. I remember having exciting birthdays with my friends. And lots a cake and candy (but no “special brownies”! Not then anyway!).

As I got older, there was a long, tough time when I was unable to celebrate. Today, I am once again excited about my birthday. I am in a good place in my life and I am going to look at this birthday as the first day of good things to come. I will be celebrating that I have a life ahead of me and that I can do what I am designed to do. The best gifts I receive these days are those intended with great energy from the people I encounter in my life.

Peace, Love & Birthdays,

Preview Kylie Minogue


Multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning global superstar Kylie Minogue will release a brand new album, entitled Kiss Me Once, on Warner Bros. Records / Parlophone on March 18th. This is the Australian pop icon’s first studio album since 2010’s Aphrodite, and her first since signing to Roc Nation Management.


Kiss Me Once, a return to the dance floor after 2012’s orchestral compilation The Abbey Road Sessions, was executive produced by Kylie and Sia, who co-wrote the title track. Kylie also teams up with Pharrell Williams, who wrote and produced “I Was Gonna Cancel,” Ariel Rechtshaid (HAIM), MNEK (Bastille), and Greg Kurstin (P!nk).


“Making this album was quite a journey but I loved it,” Kylie says. “It was through a time in my life where there were a lot of changes and new beginnings. I’m thrilled with the response to ‘Into The Blue,’ and I can’t wait for you hear the rest of the record!”


The first single, Into The Blue” has already been hailed by critics as “the best pop single you’ll hear all year,” as The Huffington Post put it, going on to praise it as “a bona-fide, smack you between the eyes, instant pop classic” that “manages the rare feat of getting better with every listen.” Idolator raved: “’Into the Blue’ truly takes off at the seismic hook, where Minogue’s crystalline voice soars over an arena-ready dance breakdown. She sounds optimistic, if not in total bliss.” “Into The Blue”  features remixes by Vanilla Ace, Roger Sanchez and Patrick Hagenaar. Watch the video here.


Kylie Minogue – Into The Blue (Official Video)

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Also preview Into The Blue (S-Man Deep Blue Remix) HERE

Kylie exploded onto the music scene in 1987 and has not only become a chart topping, multiple Grammy, BRIT, and ARIA award-winning artist over the past two decades, but also a fashion icon, designer, entrepreneur, actress, and philanthropist. She has remained a force to be reckoned with and a constant musical influence throughout the years, having released eleven studio albums, two live CDs, eight live concert DVDs, plus her Greatest Hits and the Ultimate Kylie double album and multiple video packages. She has released 50 singles internationally, all of which have been hits, and sold more than 70 million albums worldwide.


Kylie broke through in the U.S. with her 2001 smash single “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head,” which reached No.1 in over 40 countries. Her myriad achievements also include performing during the closing ceremonies of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, ranking among VH1’s “Great Women in Music” and Greatest Women of the Video Era,” and inspiring millions around the world as not only a gay icon, but also a breast cancer survivor.


Most recently, Kylie made a triumphant debut as a coach on The Voice UK, with The Guardian exclaiming that she “single-handedly revived the show” as it pulled in record viewing figures. She is also coaching on The Voice Australia, which began filming this year.


Kiss Me Once is available for pre-order in standard and deluxe edition. The track-listing is as follows:

Into The Blue

Million Miles

I Was Gonna Cancel

Sexy Love


Feels So Good

If Only

Les Sex

Kiss Me Once

Beautiful (with Enrique Iglesias) Click to stream the track here



The deluxe edition will include the following bonus tracks along with exclusive video footage:

Mr President

Sleeping With The Enemy





Kylie Minogue – Kiss Me Once – Album Sampler

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Into The Blue (S-Man Deep Blue Remix)

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Enrique Iglesias – Beautiful feat. Kylie Minogue

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Kylie Minogue – Into The Blue (Official Video)

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